DCUK's Standing Bamboo Root Ducks Our bamboo root wooden ducks are hand carved and hand finished, so no two ducks are ever the same! Each has its own individual character and they are suitable for many different occasions, or just to collect the whole family for your own home. Our bamboo ducks come in different sizes (ducks,ducklets,ducklings and ducky's) and many different poses, as well as different finishes and colours so you'll be spoilt for choice. Indian Runner Ducks The DCUK bamboo ducks are based on a breed of domestic duck known as Indian Runners. Unlike a waddling wild duck, they stand and run. This trait is understood to come from being walked to market to be sold as egg layers on Indonesian islands such as Bali. It is typical for a female runner to lay 150-200 eggs in a year; they also don't usually nest so it's common for them to drop their eggs on 'the run'! Much like the real thing, DCUK's bamboo ducks don't fly so are a great indoor or outdoor addition to any home as their natural habitat involves foraging and running around quietly as it is only the females who quack! Feel free to share your ducklings and ducky placement inspirations at home or on the move on our Facebook. Little Runner Duck will be keen to see them.
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