The DCUK Story

The Original Wooden Duck Company

Charm, Quality, and Imagination

DCUK is The Original Wooden Duck Company. Or as our friends call us, DCUK. We're passionately customer-focused, and we love to have fun. It's our mission to make life a little bit better - by helping as many people as possible to smile with our characters.

Indonesia and DCUK (click to play)

Handcrafted and painted in Indonesia

With successful working relationships between DCUK and our Indonesian partners stretching back over 20 years, we're incredibly proud of our heritage. We're proud of how far we've come, without straying from the original idea of working together, in the right way, to create something special.

We're proud to be helping Indonesia keep generations-old traditional handcrafting and painting skills alive. Most of all, we're incredibly proud that people continue to choose DCUK characters as memorable, thoughtful, and personal gifts - whether it's treating themselves or someone else. 

We hope you enjoy watching our behind the scenes video, perhaps introducing many of you to the Indonesian side of our relationship for the first time.


Designed in Devon

Inspired by charming stories, and fuelled by imagination (with just a dash of whimsy) - our creative team has a tough job choosing from our designer’s most loveable characters. To join the DCUK family, any new potential character sample has to pass our all-important quality and smile tests. It's only then that new characters are refined, developed, and carefully crafted by our Indonesian colleagues. 

Environmentally responsible

Every DCUK piece is carved by hand, using locally harvested bamboo offcuts that would otherwise go to waste. 


We work with skilled sculptors and artists in Indonesia where each character is individually carved by hand using harvested bamboo root.


A pair of spotty welly boots here, a tiara or peaked cap there, every defining detail is skilfully painted before making its journey back to the rolling hills of Devon.

Finishing touches

When we’re satisfied that they have achieved that special breed of Duck Company charm, we choose a fitting name and award the DCUK pin, a mark of exceptional quality and charming personality.