Working Together

Working Together

Our most successful stockists don’t just sell DCUK original characters – they believe in them.

They believe that each one is a unique gift that tells a personal story. They also appreciate the value of the traditional craftsmanship and artistry that is visible in every range we offer.

And, they share our belief that every DCUK character can help make someone smile.

We see our trade partners as enthusiastic ambassadors of the DCUK brand, who benefit from ongoing support, encouragement, and brand-level activity. We create brand marketing campaigns, engaging social media content, PR and more. This creates a buzz about DCUK that helps drive interest and sales for everyone involved.


We sell direct to customers through this actual website, helping to offer another way for people to buy DCUK originals. 

But, hey. We all know that you can't beat seeing, touching, and getting up close with potential gifts - especially artisan handmade and hand painted creations like our characters. 

It's great that we can consistently create so much customer positivity, anticipation and awareness through our brand and media activity. However, what really works is having like-minded, positive stockists out there, making the most of the opportunities, interacting face-to-face with shoppers. 

We're keen to work with anyone who shares our passion for helping people to smile, and who sees the value in offering original, quality, memorable gifts. Especially those with a physical store location, rather than selling online.

Independent gift shops.

Garden centres.

Visitor centres, tourist locations, and attractions.

Distributors and retail networks.

Affiliate and brand partnership opportunities.

If this sounds like you, great. Simply fill in the form below, and we'll be in touch very soon. 

You can also call us on +44 (0)1803 866316.

We've put together a handy digital pack with more information, to help you decide about becoming an official DCUK stockist. Our trade team will quickly check your business details, and be in touch again to look at the potential of working together. We'll then send you our latest trade catalogues including wholesale prices.

Oh, and of course... existing trade partners are also welcome to use the form to say hello, or ask us anything.