The DCUK Pin

Look out for the official pin

The best thing about our job is making people smile, thanks to our range of unique hand-carved and painted characters. We’re proud of the care and detail that goes into every one, and of the qualities that set us apart from other imitators. And, like any proud parent, we feel rather protective of our brood.

Introduced in 2019, the DCUK Pin is a badge of honour, symbolising our promise to you – an original gift of exceptional quality and personality.

If you see the DCUK Pin, you can be confident that the character you receive or send as a gift will be entirely handmade and painted individually by expert crafters, using skills passed down the generations. Each one is expertly created using environmentally responsible materials, including earth-kind bamboo root.

Why doesn’t my character have the DCUK Pin?

Don’t worry. Our original wooden Ducks and Feathered Friends wore their tail feathers bare up until 2019. In time, these early editions could be the most sought after!

Nowadays, every DCUK original can be seen proudly displaying their Pin. Although to be honest, making someone smile will always be our true mark of distinction.

The DCUK Pin