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Natural Dodo

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  • Material: bamboo root & copper wire
  • Process: hand carved
  • Height: 16 cm (approx)
  • Inspired by: Naturalist Gerald Durrell
  • Personality: bookish, protective, foodie
  • Other features: Standard name tag around neck (not pictured)

An exceedingly rare breed

In 2022 we gave the ill-fated Dodo the full DCUK treatment to raise money for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Ever since, people have been asking us to please bring the DCUK Dodo back from the brink of extinction! Your wish is our command, so here in all their big-beaked, claw-footed, flightless glory is the long-awaited DCUK Dodo. 

We give all our characters a DCUK name tag, but you might like to choose your own for their forever home.

Please note: some of these images are from our original charity promotion, with bird-size name tags on the feet. These new characters use standard size name tags, and will be placed around the neck. We'll update the photos shortly. 

Make your gift extra-special with one of our beautifully illustrated gift bags, or luxury gift boxes. The bags are 24cm tall and supplied flat, but gift boxes will already have the character neatly packed inside.

As our characters are all individually made, poses may vary from the photos.