Our Duck Family

Back in 2004, we started with our (literal) original wooden ducks. They were the 40cm characters, full of personality. Since then, we've expanded the family to the 30cm teenage-style Ducklets, the versatile Ducklings (at 18cm tall, our most popular) and the loveable 11cm Ducky characters. 

Also standing at 11cm are our Dinky Ducks, the mini collection where each one arrives in their own luxury gift box.

Duck Sizes

The Penguin Family

Following in the webbed footsteps of the Ducks, are the Penguin Family. The adults are the Large (21cm) and Medium (18cm) Emperor Penguins that you can see here. They are completed with the adorable Baby, who's 14cm tall in comparison. We've got a few different Baby Penguin designs available, and so the height will vary slightly depending on the style chosen. 

Penguin Sizes

Other Family Friends

The Ducks and our Penguins are well established around these parts. We've also got some very popular and top-selling Garden Birds too. Each bird is approx. 12-15cm tall, depending on their headgear of choice. They also arrive in their own luxury bird box packaging.

Finally for now, are the little Hedgies. Crawling around at just under 10cm tall, they are the perfect lower level complement to their Toadstool and Woodland Folk friends. It's also worth pointing out that Hedgies do not have name tags. 

Okay. So what else do we have? 

Well, there's plenty of creative development going on here at DCUK HQ, but... you'll just have to wait and see.