Flying visitors


Flying Visitors

We know that birds fly south for winter, but did you know that we get a flying visit from some of our winged cousins to the UK during summer too? 

Some birds fly over to good old blighty during the summer months for their extended holidays as temperatures get (slightly) warmer! But who should you be looking out for in your gardens and on your woodland walks?! 

We’ve put together a list of our favourite flying visitors for summer!


The Swift migrates to Britain in summer to breed, usually arriving in late April or early May when the weather begins to turn nicer. These all brown birds spend most of their time soaring across the sky and nest in holes on sea-cliffs. 

Although, you might spot them in your town or city, as they have adapted to roosting in nooks and crannies on the sides of buildings so keep an eye out!


Little barn Swallows also come to visit the UK for a summer trip. Coming from Africa in as early as April. 

Not only do they come to visit, they also come to breed in Britain and usually raise two or three little broods! 

Our Swallow friends tend to like more rural, quiet and serene areas but they can be spotted nesting in the eaves of buildings and perched in flocks on telephone wires if you are lucky!

Willow Warblers

Our tiny friends the Willow Warblers may be minute in size and weigh no more than a box of matches, but they come on a very long journey to visit our shores in summer! 

Each year it flies all the way from Africa, travelling more than 8,000 kilometres across seas, mountains and desert, spends the summer here and then flies all the way back again in Autumn – how amazing!

Pied Flycatchers

This miniature black and white pied flycatcher is a summer visitor, migrating here from West Africa to breed. 

If you’re lucky and look very carefully, you might have a rare sighting of this bird in woodland, parks and gardens, mostly in the west of the country.

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Flying Ducks

Did you know, we have our own extra special range of flying ducks that you can add to your collection? Be quick though, we can’t guarantee how long they will be around before they fly off again!

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