Quackin’ Popular Ducky Names


Our ducks are called a whole range of names here at DCUK, from the unique and wonderful to the more popular but still ever so amazing. 

We just love seeing what you call our ducks, and can’t help trying to guess what will be the next flurry of popular names! Our ducky detectives recently found out that Noah and Olivia have been revealed the most popular baby names for 2021/22, so we put our thinking caps on and did some research into what we think may be the most popular for the upcoming year…


Expected to come out on top next year for boys names is Harry. With Harry Styles reaching average monthly google searches of 498,00 in the UK! We just love him. 

Not only has the One Direction-er become the nation’s sweetheart, but there is a more traditional link there with Prince Harry too. So expect to see lots of Harry ducks quackin’ around!


It’s no secret that us duckies loved the queen, our longest reigning monarch, reaching a huge 70 year milestone before her sad passing this year. It’s no surprise that Elizabeth is anticipated to make a resurgence over the next year as as a nation we want her name and legacy to live on in generations to come. 

There has also been a 65% rise in our ducks being named Elizabeth, which we just love! If you have an Elizabeth duck, please do share with us!


We have to admit that us ducks do like a sit down to watch the Kardashians, and although we don’t like wolves ourselves (very scary!) we believe Wolf is going to be a popular name next year after the famously retracted name of Kylie Jenner’s new-born son in February. 

We saw lots and lots more demand for animal related name tags such as Wolf, Bear and Rex last year (don’t tell the other ducks that though – we will scare them!)


We loved Avatar, and although Pandora may not be the best place to live for us ducks, we think it could be a popular name next year! 

The fictional setting named Pandora, is inspired by the name of the first woman created according to Greek mythology – and we expect it to be a popular choice for baby naming next year!


Last but not least, there will be a coronation next year, where King Charles will be crowned king. We know just how popular royal names are and we can see Charles being extremely popular next year, we have already started to see a rise in our ducks being named Charles!

Are any of your ducks called one of the popular names we have mentioned? We would love to know! Have a quackin’ day!