Thank You Teacher & End of Term

Schools out and teacher needs a present! If your little ones are nearing the holidays it is time to think of end of term activities to keep them busy and make sure their friends and themselves are loaded with the appropriate pupil gifts for teacher. This year, perhaps avoid the obvious flowers and chocolates and try something original. We have a great selection of end of term gifts for you to choose from. Personalised Teachers Gifts Our wooden bird ornaments are perfect for the classroom, the owl symbolises learning and our painted wise owls are ideal. Not to be out done the ducks are calming symbols of emotional security, perfect for the juniors to see. The penguins symbolically are more related to dreaming, now this isnt probably the best gift for teacher or pupil, but our little emperors are too busy encouraging mischief to allow daydreaming. Maybe that isnt ideal either, but mixed in with the other ducks and owls were sure theyll be the best start to learning about all different kinds of creatures in all their various forms. 
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