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British Flower Duckling

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  • Material: bamboo root
  • Process: carved, painted and moulded by hand
  • Height: 18 cm (approx)
  • Inspired by: splashes of crimson colour in the fields
  • Personality: thoughtful, kind, optimistic 

The power of cherished flowers

With their bamboo-feathered bodies setting them apart from their white duckling relatives, these British Flower Ducklings love to help people preserve important memories, as much as encouraging fond smiles.

Serene by shade and nature, Forget-me-nots make loyal friends, given to deep thoughts and kind deeds. Daffodils are a joyful gift and a sunny reminder to notice the beautiful in the everyday. And, we love the way the vibrant petals look on the bamboo feathers of the Poppies - just like those in a cornfield.

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As our characters are all individually made, poses may vary from the photos.

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