Natural Finish

Our bamboo root wooden ornaments are hand carved and hand finished, so no two ducks are the same! Each has it's own individual character and they are suitable for many different occasions, or just to collect the whole family for your own home. Our bamboo duck decorative ornaments come in different sizes (ducks, ducklets, ducklings and duckies) and many different poses, as well as different finishes, pastel coloured, antique, stained and our natural bamboo finish, so you'll be spoilt for choice! Natural Finish Ducks, Ducklings, Ducklets Our ducks are not the shy retiring types, our natural wood finish ducks are quite happy to strut their stuff in the buff, the way their maker intended them to be. No peacocking for these ducks, they are just happy with their slight tan on their birthday suits. Therefore, they arent plenty of natural wood finish options to choose from, but you will have to choose if you want a duck, ducking, ducklet or ducky to polish off your perfect wooden floor or home work surface. But if you cant choose, why not try all these duck gifts out? These ducks dont mind sticking to their paddling. As indian-runner ducks these brother and sisters dont flock, as they dont fly. So why not have a brace in a corner of your home, or by your pond, just make sure they have their wellies!

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