Shooting, hunting, fishing, it's the country life for these ducks. Our country ducks love to tweed up and go out on a country walk or hunt, but this isn't Duck Attack! Coming from Diptford farm all the ducks love the country air and always advise each other on the latest beating techniques or best-coloured flys for fishing for trout in the nearby rivers. They would happily pass on their favoured techniques to their new squires. Country gifts for him Now at DCUK we like to think all our ducks suit both sexes, but these ducks like to think they are for the red blooded males who like to roast a freshly caught trout or pick off a rabbit in their crosshairs.  However, these wooden ornaments do lend themselves to a country gift shabby chic style that brings outdoor style in to the home. So whilst your loved one might be the master off the field, the lady of the house still wears the trousers at home and might be partial to a tweed wearing country duck.

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