What’s your Christmas tradition?

What’s your Christmas tradition?

It might be one the most recognisable celebrations of the year, but one thing’s for sure – no two Christmases are the same. What’s fascinating is that even within the same country, whilst most people celebrate with the usual common ingredients (present giving, eating, drinking, carols and Christmas Trees to name just a few), no-one Christmas is quite like another.

That’s because family traditions are what Christmas is all about, and it’s what makes it such a unique celebration in each household. So what’s special about your family Christmas?

We’ve been looking even further afield at some of the Christmas traditions across the world – and you might be surprised at some of the things we’ve found out.

For instance, did you know that Sweden is obsessed with Donald Duck on Christmas Eve?!
Every year since 1960 (that’s over 50 years now…!), Swedish National TV runs the Disney Christmas Special, “From All of Us to All of You”, uninterrupted and in full. Most Swedish families use it as an opportunity to sit down as a group around a roaring fire and to kick off the Christmas celebrations.

I can tell you that Christmas Santa Duckling was pleased to hear about this. Dressing up, as he does every year, to get into the festive spirit, he feels it’s only right that ducks get a space on centre stage at Christmas!

Our Chickens, on the other hand are rather flattered to hear about Bali’s Christmas tree tradition. Whilst plastic trees more common here, the most special type of tree is one made entirely of chicken feathers. In fact, these beautiful trees are often exported to different countries around the world.

Meanwhile, all our welly booted Ducks and cowboy booted Chickens have been getting rather overexcited about St Nicholas’ Day which is a big feast day for much of Europe. Occurring on the 6 December, tradition dictates that if little ones leave their shoes or boots outdoors overnight, providing they’ve been good, they’ll wake to find them filled with holiday treats. I think our birds feel a welly boot or cowboy boot might guarantee a bigger haul of goodies…

But Christmas is about your own traditions, and the joy of upholding those year after year. As we mentioned in our last blog, one of our customers shared that she had started a tradition in which each member of the family received a personalised DCUK duck at this time of year.

And one thing’s for sure – our feathered friends do love the chance to dress up, put on their finery and hop into luxurious tissue in order to have their big moment under the tree.
Whilst some countries don’t even dress the tree until Christmas Eve, many other parts of Europe do most of the gift giving on the 24th itself. So with that in mind, take a look at our irresistible miniature Christmas Tree Decoration ducks and feel inspired….what will your family tradition become?

We’d love to hear what you decide, so please do get in touch on our Facebook page. Merry Christmas!

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