We’ve got birthday gifts for all – from fledgling chick to wise owls

We’ve got birthday gifts for all – from fledgling chick to wise owls

It can be hard to come up with imaginative gifts for everyone’s big day, yet there’s nothing like a really thoughtful, personal present.

Our hand carved bamboo birds go on to become real feathered friends to many of their owners and often spark a lifelong love.  Although they’re currently nesting in Devon, our chickens, ducks, owls and penguins have travelled a long way to be with you.  Each one is carved in the Far East from best quality Indonesian bamboo before winging its way back home.

These birds make great gifts because they’re so unique.  Each one comes adorned with a name tag so you can be on first name terms straight away.  You can also personalise your duck with a particular name of your choice or your message can be painted along the bird’s back.

Alternatively you might choose a chick, with their colourful combs, a penguin in welly boots or painted Emperor outfit, or even an owl, for those wise old birds out there.

it’s our ducks in particular who love to dress up, so there’s a great selection of lpersonalities to suit all birthday boys and girls.  Choose from cycling duck; our nurse, soldier or policemen – there’s a huge range of specially themed ducks too.

But, as befitting farm life anywhere, it’s coloured well boots that our birds really love (except our owls who, let’s face it, don’t have terribly long legs anyway), so pick up a welly duck, cowboy booted chicken or welly penguin for a gift sure to raise a smile.

Another way to look for birthday inspiration is to check out the gemstones associated with each birth month.  This originates from the Gregorian calendar and it was thought that the stones were lucky for those born in its month.  What’s more, it’s said the healing powers of the stones are heightened during the birth month itself, so wearing your birth stones during the month of your birthday will bring you many benefits.

Birthstones are thought to be as follows:

  • January – garnet
  • February – amethyst
  • March – aquamarine
  • April – diamond
  • May – emerald
  • June – pearl
  • July – ruby
  • August – peridot
  • September – sapphire
  • October –  opal
  • November – topaz
  • December – turquoise

Our Indian Runner ducks love the idea they could carry healing stones so some of them choose to wear a coloured crystal around their necks on a ribbon.  If you’d like to order a birthday duck with a related gemstone, you can order one especially to mark that particular month.

Finally, you can’t say fairer than a duck in his birthday suit, so for the purists among your friends and family, consider an “au natural” duck – our original best seller.      

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