Wedding season is here! 

Wedding season is here! 

We love wedding season at DCUK.  Our beautiful ducks have accompanied many a bride and groom – if not down the aisle, then atop a cake, or in a reception centre piece.

As you can personalise any of our birds, they make great wedding gifts too, to wish a happy couple well on their journey as a Mr and Mrs.

Wedding traditions are wonderful when you consider the huge variety worldwide.  Even our own are pretty unusual when you stop to think about it.  Throwing the bouquet?  Our ducks just can’t understand why their beautiful brides start chucking flowers about at the end of the day!

However, some other cultures have traditions that are just incredible.  In the Congo, couples are forbidden to smile on their wedding day.  It sounds cruel but it’s intended to show they are serious about marriage.  In China, they take the idea of Cupid literally, and the husband shoots his bride several times with a bow and arrow, before taking the arrows and breaking them during the ceremony to ensure their love lasts forever!

But it’s the Koreans who are after our own heart.  Wedding ducks are a staple of Korean wedding ceremonies where a pair of carved mandarin ducks are often given as a gift.  Mandarin ducks are chosen because it’s believed that, unlike other ducks, they mate for life.

Well, we think our Indian runners make pretty good wedding gifts too – after all, they are a domesticated duck…just right for a new marriage!  Take a look at our wedding ducks or our place settings and cake toppers for a way to incorporate those lucky ducks into a special day.

Let’s not forget anniversaries too.  Five years of marriage is a wood anniversary, and we often find couples looking for gifts to celebrate their big day half a decade on.  We’ve also got very special gold and silver ducks to celebrate the big ones and each of our anniversary ducks can be personalised with a coloured ribbon, name and message on its back.

Anniversaries also have colours connected to them – for example, the first year is yellow, the second red, the third jade.  Our welly ducks in colourful boots or our spotty ducks with their pastel hues all work well to celebrate an anniversary by colour.

And on the subject of weddings, how could we forget the hen night?  For a feathered friend to celebrate your “hen”, our new chickens would love the chance for a girls’ night out.

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