We are family

We are family

Families have never been more diverse.  Whether they drive you to distraction, or are key to your existence, families today are so much more than a married couple and 2.4 children.

From blended families, to befriended families, you don’t even need to be related to make up a wonderful family unit.

We embrace the modern family here at DCUK as we’ve got ducks, chickens, penguins and owls all getting along together famously.

Talk about extended families too – with ducks, ducklings, ducklets and duckys; cockerel, hen and chicks plus our small, large and baby penguins, our families can come super-sized!

Looking at how bird families work in the wild is inspiring too.  It’s lovely to think that birds don’t necessarily sing because they are happy,  but inorder to find a mate.  And once they do, and have a family of their own, their chicks identify and remember their parents within minutes of hatching (a process called “imprinting”) and follow them tenaciously.

But whilst most bird families stick to their own kind, there’s a fascinating relationship between two different bird species in Siberia.  The small red-breasted goose is very vulnerable to predatory artic foxes.  So the geese have developed a clever working arrangement between them and another local inhabitant.  The peregrine falcon nests on the tundra at the same time and this small but fierce bird of prey is able to ward off the arctic fox for them all.

And there are even species of bird who literally practice the concept of extended family in the wild too.  These birds are known as “brood parasites” – and the cuckoo is perhaps the best known example of this.  These cheeky fellas never go to the trouble of building their own nests but instead lay their eggs in the nest of another species, even leaving those parents to care for their young.

Much like the tale of the ugly duckling or the actions of the cuckoo, our hen, owl, penguin and duck eggs often roll into each other’s nests, creating some wonderful family combinations.  Seeing the tall leggy ducks with their plump little penguin cousins, alongside the proud cockerels and wise owls makes quite a display.  If you want some inspiration about how great our different breeds look, all perched together, have a look at these photos of some of our shop displays.

We know that lots of our customers love to collect blended families like these and we enjoyhearing about those of you who do collect whole families of our handcrafted bamboo birds.

If you’re new to Dcuk and want a ready made family, we have duck families and penguin families all ready to go – but many people love to mix and match their own characters.

We hear brilliant stories about how our customers personally identify with a particular duck, then buy other ducks (or chickens, penguins or owls!) to represent other family members or friends. What a great idea!

So if you were a one of our birds, which one would you be?!

Let us know on our facebook page, and we’d love to see photos of your DCUK collection – as varied and unique as they are.

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