Time to make new friends

Time to make new friends

We will soon be celebrating National Friendship Day so we’ve been observing friendships among the birds on our farm.

Interestingly, research shows that chickens don’t really make firm friends with other breeds, but judging by ours, perhaps that’s because they enjoy pottering around in their own group so much.  Our chickens with spotty wellies and combs in particular love to compare outfits – after all, how many other hens are sporting polka dots?!

Ducks on the other hand, love the company of all other ducks.  In fact, they love company full stop.  Ducks have a unique biological characteristic called “imprinting” which means they very happily allow the nearest person to assume the role of parent, or guardian.  It means when a duck hatches, they’ll “imprint” on the nearest moving thing within their first few hours of life – regardless of whether that’s a mother duck, another bird, or human!

Here on the farm, we notice our ducks love to hang out in groups.  The welly boot ducks live in the pond and love a splash around whatever the weather, whereas our Spotty Ducks seem to prefer the barn and the fields.  Of course, the cycling ducklingsseafaring ducklings and country ducklings all pursue their individual sports but generally they’re all very friendly fellows.

Now penguins, famously, often mate for life, meaning they’re romantic birds, and love to stay close to their chosen partner.  If you’re buying one of our natural finish or welly boot penguins, do consider doing them a kindness and buying a pair so they don’t get lonely!

Our owls, on the other hand, tend to keep to themselves, being night creatures.  However, owls are a farmer’s best friend, eating all the little rodents and insects that can cause havoc on the farm.

Watching our birds interacting, making friends and living together is a fascinating thing – and there’s no better excuse than National Friendship Day to expand your social circle.  Why not adopt one of our feathered friends as a new pal, or expand your collection by bringing in some companions for your existing DCUK birds?

Whether you’re a social butterfly or more of a home bird, you’ll find the right little friend at DCUK – in fact, you’ll find our birds are loyal friends for life.

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