Thank You NHS Poem for Nurse Duckling Sophie

Thank You NHS Poem for Nurse Duckling Sophie

Week 3 of the Duck Diaries and the Ducks write a thank you NHS poem to share their gratitude with all the wonderful NHS staff keeping us safe this spring

This week we caught up with Nurse Duckling Sophie, the latest in a long line of flying first aiders to take care of our poorly ducks and their feathered friends.

Our beloved Nurse Duckling cleans the grazes and wipes away the tears of all our adventurous young Duckys. In fact, Sophie has mopped most of the ducks’ brows over the years.

But this spring, Sophie is run off her webbed feet. Like carers all over the world, she is working her socks off to help coronavirus patients. We asked her what we could do to help. Our Nurse Duckling’s advice was simple: “stay safe and look after each other.”

Time to relax

We asked Sophie how she winds down after a long day at the hospital. Instead of typing, she sent us these pictures!


A nice cup of tea


Some mindful colouring


A relaxing bubble bath


A good book in bed

A thank you NHS poem

After saying goodbye, the ducks wanted to do something to thank Sophie and her NHS friends. So they wrote a poem to say how very, very grateful we all are.


Thank you is too little

Saying ‘thank you’ is too little
for all the wonders you perform.
While the world is frozen, frightened,
you’re in motion, strong and sure.

Saying ‘thank you’ is not enough
to make it up for all we owe.
While you’re saving people’s lives
We’re safely nestled in our homes.

Saying ‘thank you’ is so little,
and yet our thanks fill up our hearts,
overflowing, racing, stretching
to reach you while we are apart.

Our mission is simple: to make you smile

Whatever else is going on in the world, we hope our ducks can bring you a little joy. That’s what our Duck Diaries are all about.


We hope you and your brood have kept well this week. We’d love to hear what your own ducks and feathered friends have been getting up to.

Share your pictures with the DCUK community here.

Mindful Colouring Sheet

DCUK Carer Colouring In Sheet

If you’re at home and looking for entertainment and inspiration, we’ve created a series of Mindful Colouring Sheets for relaxation. 

Download your specially commissioned illustration here and share your finished designs on our Facebook page.


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