Spring Clean Happiness with Flower Duckling, Debbie

Spring Clean Happiness with Flower Duckling, Debbie

Week 6 of the Duck Diaries and as the lockdown dust begins to settle, our Wild Rose Spring Flower Duckling, Debbie decides it’s time for a calming spring clean.

calming spring clean?! Yes. Perhaps it’s just another of our ducks’ eccentricities but when they’re really in a flap, nothing calms the avian mind like a really good clean. And, as we all know, the best time for a really good clean is Spring. Over to Debbie.

I was looking out of my living room window this week, hoping to catch Forget-me-not and her new duckys on their daily waddle, when I felt a peculiar feeling. It was a bit like the feeling you get when you swim through duck weed and you can’t get it out of your feathers. Something just wasn’t right and I knew I had to fix it right away.


Spring clean for the soul

Cleaning in springtime can be a way of thanking your home and possessions for taking care of you all winter. Tidying guru, Mari Kondo says that because spring is the season of new beginnings, cleaning your home now, “can be a catalyst for joy and productivity.” Cleaning your home “bring peace and calm into your space, as well as your body and mind.” Sounds like just what Debbie needs!

I love Mari Kondo! I’ve watched all her programes whilst staying home to protect the NHS. A tidy nest is a happy nest, I always say.

And with that, she was off!


Spring clean the Spring Flower way

Debbie is a Wild Rose Duckling and, true to her roots, insists on natural cleaning products. She mixes her sprays and polishes from rose water, white vinegar and beeswax, always adding a drop or two of her floral essential oils: rose geranium and orange blossom and lavender. If you’d like to try making your own skin and feather friendly-products, Friends of the Earth have some recipes and suggestions here.


Tips for cleaning your nest

  1. Choose cleaning products you love to use. Debbie makes her own cleaning cloths from worn-out clothes – that way she can still enjoy her favourite prints and textures when she cleans. Adding her favourite fragrances to sprays and polishes turns a boring job into sensory pleasure!
  2. Go deep! Spring is the time to face those hard to reach places, like the inside of lampshades. You may need some help. There’s no way Debbie is going to be able to move that lamp on her own.
  3. Refresh. Debbie gets that new season feeling by restyling her space, changing the cushion covers and updating her wall-art and flowers.
  4. Bring nature inside. Debbie loves flowers of course, and always has fresh flowers and flowering plants in her home. House Beautiful share an inspiring list of beautiful indoor flowering plants here. Debbie has her eyes on the hibiscus!


Our mission is simple: to make you smile

We hope Debbie has inspired you to find some comfort in cleaning this week. Whatever else is going on in the world, it’s our wish that our ducks can bring you a little joy. That’s what our Duck Diaries are all about.


We hope you and your brood have kept well this week. We’ve loved seeing what you and your DCUK friends have been getting up to.

Please keep sharing your pictures with the DCUK community here.

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