A Special Gift – Me! Dinky Duck Daisy Says Hello

A Special Gift – Me! Dinky Duck Daisy Says Hello

Week 9 of the Duck Diaries and it’s someone’s birthday! But what special gift could possibly cheer up a society Ducklet in isolation?

Enter our brand new delightfully Dinky Ducks with spotty wellies. Companionship guaranteed!

Poor Delilah. At this time of the year, she’s usually hosting a pond party or enjoying some pampering at a fancy spa. Not for her the simple pleasures so beloved of our Floral Ducklings: homemade cake and a catch-up quack on the phone.

For Delilah, only the best will do. Yet here she is, home alone on her birthday: unloved, unpampered, unspoilt. A small tear wells in her eye and runs feather by feather down into her right welly boot.


A very special gift

Just then, the doorbell rings. A delivery duck, responsibly dressed in gloves and mask, stands two metres from the door of Delilah’s penthouse suite holding a box. It’s rather small, Delilah thinks, but better than nothing. She thanks the duck and brings her parcel inside, noticing for the first time those magical words: DCUK, The Duck Company! Barely able to contain her excitement long enough to wash her wings, Deliah rips open the box and gasps.


Delightfully dinky and ready to love

There, snuggled in tissue paper and swirls of (biodegradable) foam is the littlest duck Delilah has ever seen: me! I gaze at her, she gazes at me. “Hello?” I quack nervously. There’s a tear in her eye and I’m a bit worried that she’s disappointed by my diminutive size.

“Pleased to meet you,” I add, smiling my best please-let-me-stay-and-be-your-friend smile.

After what feels like an eternity, Delilah smiles. Slowly at first, then the largest, warmest smile I’ve ever seen. Ducklets are the biggest ducks in our family, and I’m the smallest, so this smile is nearly as big as me! It’s the most wonderful thing, a smile that big.


You’ll never be home-alone again

Ever-so gently, Delilah lifts me from my lily pad and holds me in her wings before placing me gently on the table. “Happy Birthday!’ I say, with the biggest smile I can muster.

“Happy birthday…” repeats Delilah, pausing for a moment, “yes! It is a very happy birthday. Welcome home little Daisy, you’re the most special gift a Ducklet could wish for and I just know we’re going to have a lot of fun together.”


Seeing your ducks having fun bring gives so much joy to our whole community. Who will be the first to share a picture of our new Dinkys settling into a new forever home? Share your DCUK news and pics with the hashtag #athomewithduck 


Beautiful illustrations to colour at home

Throughout the lockdown, our designer ducks have been creating resources to keep your flock in high-spirits. Discover our gorgeous colouring sheets at the bottom of each story, beginning with Dinky Duck, Daisy, enjoying summer’s first lily pads here.

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