Single at Valentines? Keep an eye out for the birds….

Single at Valentines? Keep an eye out for the birds….

You might not have a lovebird of your own to celebrate Valentines Day with this year but there’s a good reason to pay attention to our feathered friends none-the-less.

Whilst our DCUK birds love to feel important in every occasion, we’ve discovered that they have a genuine reason to feel a big part of the Valentines celebrations.

That’s because from way back in Greek and Roman times, people have looked to birds to predict their romantic future.

Legend dictates that the first bird a single woman sees on Valentines Day is an omen of her future partner’s character.

So, if you’re looking for romance, steer clear of the woods this February because seeing a woodpecker was believed to mean no marriage was on the cards at all! However, a kingfisher or goldfinch foretold of a rich man and seeing a canary can ensure you’ll become a doctor’s wife.

But perhaps it’s more realistic you’ll see a blackbird (he’ll be kind), a sparrow (farmer) or robin (a seafarer). And what if you clap eyes on our favourite – the duck? Seeing a duck first thing on Valentines Day means your future relationship will simply be homely and stable. A pedestrian omen perhaps, but realistically a pretty good prospect!

So if you want to ensure your single friends are destined for a stable, happy marriage, let our very self-important Valentines Ducks help you out. Our simple White Welly Duckling with Red Heart Boots, or White Duckling with Red Hearts certainly wear their hearts with pride and could just secure a great marriage for those you care about most!

Meanwhile if you have a tweetheart at home to look after, our White Duckling with a red crystal around its neck, likes to think he can bring romance to every household. And if you’re unattached just now but with marriage on the cards, you might want to look out for a dove – which was believed to be an omen for a loving and happy relationship
Now if you’re dubious about the credibility of such superstition, be assured that the Greeks and Romans took it very seriously indeed. In fact, ornithomancy – the Ancient Greek and Roman practice of reading omens from the actions of birds – became a branch of the Roman national religion which had its own priesthood and practice. Ornithomancy is mentioned in some pretty hefty tomes of history too, with references found in both The Odyssey and the Bible.

But according to our flock, the practice has its limits. After all, penguins didn’t feature heavily in ornithomancy – probably because they weren’t exactly native to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Our penguins have had their beaks put quite out of joint with this revelation, however, and claim to be just as fortunate an omen to a relationship as any other bird!

So if you have sympathy for the plight of our overlooked penguins, spare a thought for our noble painted Emperor Penguins. And if ancient methods of divination aren’t really your thing, you’re best off siding with our penguins, who are, of course, known to be serially monogamous. Emperor Penguins choose one mate each year and stay faithful throughout the breeding season – perhaps a far more reliable and practical role model for real life relationships!

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