Send my love: Dotty Duck discovers online shopping!

Send my love: Dotty Duck discovers online shopping!

Week 10 of the Duck Diaries and kindhearted Ducky, Dotty is missing her far-flung relations dreadfully. Then, whilst checking out the new Dinkys on, she has a marvellous idea…

Isn’t it wonderful when a pretty letter arrives in the mail? Especially when that letter has been written by wing from someone far away. This summer, even ducks and feathered friends who live a short flight away are out of reach. A good old-fashioned letter is a perfect way to show your friends and family that they may be out of sight, but they remain in your mind and heart.

Mimi the garden bird is isolating in Cornwall. She’s blessed with beautiful countryside to warble in, online shopping deliveries each week and clear skies for her daily half-hour flight, but she’s lonely. So every week, Mimi writes letters to her friends, using her best Cath Kidston stationery and takes them down the lane to her post box.


Sending love from afar: the real joy of online shopping

Meanwhile, just across the River Tamar in Devon, Dotty Ducky is also feeling lonely. She’s been looking at old photos and reminiscing. All those long summer days from years gone by when she and her friends would spend the whole day together…


A photo from Dotty’s album of the good old days when the gang were together

When she feels lonely, Dotty likes to see what her friends are up to on the DCUK Stories page. This week she’s discovered what must be the cutest ducks the Original Wooden Duck Company have ever made! The Dinky Ducks are so tiny, yet every detail is as lovingly rendered as it is in her full-size duckling friends. Not just that, but the Dinky Ducks come in ickle boxes decorated with lily ponds as if they are floating into your life, just as you need them.

Suddenly, Dotty has an idea. Why not send a Dinky to each of her best friends? A little reminder of their days together and a bit of company for the quieter days ahead: perfect! She only wishes she could see their faces when they arrive!


Dotty gets acquainted with the joys of online shopping


‘Just wait until they see these gorgeous mini ducklings!’ thinks Mimi happily to herself.

How to write a letter to a friend

It can be difficult to begin writing a letter. Most of us are out of practice in this art, which can make us feel a bit nervous. Stephanie at the Just a Little Bit Louder blog has some excellent tips in her post: 30 Love Letters to Send Your Best Friend. Here are our favourites:

  1. Your very first memory of them
  2. Something that always reminds you of them
  3. An acrostic poem using their name
  4. A list of places you’ve been together
  5. Write out a playlist for them. Bonus points if you send an iTunes gift card for them to purchase the songs with.
  6. Send them a collection of funny jokes
  7. Make a portrait of them.
  8. Make a list of things you’ve learned from your best friend.
  9. Find a picture of the two of you and send it without any explanation.
  10. Gratitude is the ultimate spirit lifter. Write down thirty things you are thankful for today and share it with your friend

Mimi checks she has the correct address for Dotty on her letter


Mimi takes a short flight to her nearest post box – we love the little ‘thank you key workers’ rainbow!


Mimi sends her letter to Dotty in Devon


Seeing your ducks having fun bring gives so much joy to our whole community. Who will be the first to share a picture of our new Dinkys settling into a new forever home? Share your DCUK news and pics with the hashtag #athomewithduck 


Beautiful illustrations to colour at home

Throughout the lockdown, our designer ducks have been creating resources to keep your flock in high-spirits. Discover our gorgeous colouring sheets at the bottom of each story, beginning with Dinky Duck, Daisy, enjoying summer’s first lily pads here.










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