Mother’s Day gift ideas from DCUK

Mother’s Day gift ideas from DCUK

This year give your own ‘Super Mum’ a Mother’s Day personalised gift she will treasure! Lasting far longer than flowers (& chocolates!), our quacking collection of gifts will serve as a permanent reminder of just how much she is loved and appreciated! Click to view our unique Mother’s Day gift collection today!

A feathery tale of a DCUK Super Mum!

Emma’s a modern Mum
trying to juggle work and fun,
to keep all her family happy.
She’s always flapping around,
feet hardly touching the ground
…sometimes she thinks she’s going quite batty!

She works long hours every week
arranging flowers with her beak
at her florist shop in South Devon.
In her trademark pink spotty boots
(which are both practical and cute)
Emma thinks her job is absolute heaven!

Her doting husband Alexander
(Who’s a complete charmer)
works for the local police.
He patrols the villages and towns,
Keeping crime and fraud down
And generally keeping the peace!

They have a teenage duckling called Fred
(who’s always last out of bed)
and football is the only game he will play.
Manchester United is his team
and his ultimate dream
is to become their top striker one day!

Their small ducky called Gertie
who’s ever so girly,
and is crazy about her pet rabbit ‘Bunny’!
She wears rabbit boots everywhere
and doesn’t care when people stare
…wearing boots with pretty dresses is funny!

Getting them all out of bed
and getting them fed
are Emma’s first trials of the day!
Sorting out Fred’s school bag
(whilst trying hard not to nag)
And stepping over Gertie and Bunny at play.

Then comes the school run
…which as we all know isn’t fun
with ducks waddling slowly in front of the cart.
Kissing the children goodbye
And then a big effort to try
To get to work whilst still looking smart!

Evenings are just as busy
with children getting in a tizzy
if they don’t get their supper on time.
Washing needs to be done
and other jobs that aren’t fun,
it’s tricky keeping on top of the grime!

Emma sometimes wonders if she
is being the best Mum she can be,
when life rushes by in such a whirl!
Is she being a good wife
and making a good life
For her husband, her son and little girl?

They don’t always say
how she brightens every day,
with her love and affection which is unstoppable.
But to their hearts she is dear
and in their minds it is clear,
to love her any more would be impossible!

So this Mother’s Day
do remember to say
just how much your Mum means to you!
With a personalised gift
you’ll give her heart a big lift,
and she’ll realise your love is true!

Give her a constant reminder
that there’s no one who’s kinder,
and that she’s the best Mum ever!
Make her heart skip a beat
by giving her a lovely treat,
one that she can treasure forever!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for all Super Mums!
This year we have a range of gorgeous gifts to make your Mum feel as special as she is! They include:

  • Coloured feather ducklings including matching ribbon and hand painted personalisation option
  • Mother’s Day flower ducklings, including matching ribbon and hand painted personalisation option
  • Character ducklings, such as our Gardener & Nurse
  • Natural ducklings with coloured spotty boots and matching ribbons
  • Pink spotty duckling
  • Mother’s Day greetings cards with hand painted fridge magnet ducks

Mother’s Day Personalised Gifts

ALL of our ducks can be personalised with the name of your choice on their name tag, and we have pretty gift bags and boxes available too!
So get quacking, take a waddle through our website to explore the options, and order online today to make your Mum feel as appreciated as Emma!
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