How the DCUK Pin was born

How the DCUK Pin was born

You may have noticed a distinguished-looking something gracing the tail feathers of our latest DCUK families. This disc of antique gold could be mistaken for a prefect badge or lucky penny. Actually, it’s something far more special. Meet the DCUK Pin.

It all started with a simple question:

duck baby“Daddy, where do babies come from?”

It’s the question every human parent dreads, but for the ducks, it’s different. Because DCUK babies don’t come from storks or some confusing grown-up game. DCUK babies come from equatorial Indonesia.

They’re not indigenous, well not exactly, but their ancestors are, and one particularly speedy Indian Runner Duck inspired our first hand carved, Original Wooden Duck Company Duck.

“So, do I come from Indonesia?”

Yes! All DCUK Ducks and Feathered Friends come from Indonesia. Equatorial Indonesia is green and lush and humming with life. It’s probably the best place in the world to grow bamboo. And grow it does: everywhere!

Bamboo is amazing stuff. You can make it into everything from cereal bowls to bikes and because it grows so fast it’s kind to the environment. But bamboo root is sadly unloved, and this is the stuff great ducks are made of.

“I’m made from a root?”

Yes again! Everyone in the DCUK family came from a humble bamboo root of a bamboo. These roots look strange and ugly, but in the hands of some very talented people, they become a beautiful flock ready to take flight.

“How do they turn roots into ducks?”

Well, they carve them with special tools. Then they look carefully into the face of the duck they have made and they sand and polish and paint until he or she has become whoever they were meant to be. Just like their great-great-grandparents turned bamboo roots into magical puppets for the Wayang Theatre many years ago.

“Do all ducks come from bamboo, Daddy?”

No. And that’s why you’re so special.

“But how can everyone tell the difference?”

Good question. Not every duck is a DCUK duck. And we’re not talking about the ones that move! Some ducks look a bit like us but are made in sad factories. Sometimes they’re even made out of plastic and painted by a machine.

“No! That’s awful. Those ducks won’t make humans happy.”

You’re right. It is awful. And I’m sure they don’t.

“I want people to know I’m a DCUK duck.”

And that was that.

You see, DCUK is The Original Wooden Duck Company. We’re true to our values and proud of the care and detail that goes into our products. And, like any proud parent, we feel protective of our brood.

The DCUK Pin represents those qualities that set us apart from birds of other flocks and symbolises our promise to you:

“Gifts of exceptional quality and irrepressible personality.”

Well said. You can be sure that every DCUK Duck and Feathered Friend in your collection has been created with love and attention to detail. Our aim is simply to make you happy: that’s DCUK’s true mark of distinction.

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