Keep fit with Football Duckling, Frank

Keep fit with Football Duckling, Frank

As our ducks begin to emerge from lockdown, waddling further afield and stretching those wings, they’re finding their fitness is not what it was. Enter Football Duckling, Frank: Personal Trainer, Duck Motivator and all-round good sport.

It’s all very well for the country ducks, cycling and jogging their way to health. For our cooped up friends, flattening the curve has a whole new meaning! 12 weeks of sitting and snacking have taken their toll on our ducks and feathered friends, many of whom are feeling unnaturally lethargic for the time of year.

Not to fear, ducks, Frank is here! Frank is something of an icon here at DCUK HQ. The thrice winner of the Duckling Cup and Duck of the Coop for seven consecutive seasons, Footballer Duckling Frank is the pin-up of choice for all our feathered footy fans.


Football Duckling Frank puts the ducks through their paces


As football matches all over the worlds have been postponed for the safety of players and fans, Frank has been inspired by living legends from the human football world to help his supporters to keep fit.

Here are some of Frank’s favourites: just click the link for a home workout with Chelsea:

Yoga with Everton:

And chair exercises with Liverpool:

Football Fitness Tips

Now Frank’s determined to keep the whole flock motivated as they spread their wings – why not join in? You won’t find a kinder Personal Trainer!

Your personal football exercise routine:

  1. Juggling. Begin by dropping the ball down to your laces and pop it back up to your hand. Gradually you’ll be able to pop it between feet and hands/wingtips until you’re juggling between your toes and laces.
  2. Toe Taps. Put the ball on the ground in front of your feet and tap one toe on to the ball. Switch feet and repeat with increasing speed.
  3. Triangles. Put the ball in front of you, drag it backwards towards one foot, pass to your other foot then push it to it’s starting position. Gradually get faster and faster.

 Football Duckling Frank knocks it out of the pond! 

Every football training session should end with a game – even if you are alone! Frank can’t resist and, wearing his favourite Harry Kane shirt, knocks the ball smartly from the half-way line straight into the ducky-sized goal!


He shoots, he scores!!! Football Duckling Frank, aka Harry Kane, scores an incredible goal from the half-way line in his garden


There’s nothing like some juicy oranges after a tough training session! Go on Frank, you deserve it!

Personalisation is back!

We’re delighted to announce that DCUK’s popular personalisation service is back in full swing. Add a special name, date, occasion or phrase – depending on the size of your duck! – and make your gift a beloved keepsake.

Frank’s chosen his hero: Harry Kane for his shirt. Who’s your favourite player? You can even match the ribbon scarf to your team’s colours – a great gift for footy fans!


Our mission is simple: to make you smile

Whatever else is going on in the world, we hope our ducks can bring you a little joy. That’s what our Duck Diaries are all about.


We hope you and your brood have kept well this week. We’d love to hear what your own ducks and feathered friends have been getting up to.

Share your pictures with the DCUK community here.

Mindful Colouring Sheet



If you’re at home and looking for entertainment and inspiration, we’ve created a series of Mindful Colouring Sheets for relaxation.

Download your specially commissioned football illustration here and share your finished designs on our Facebook page.


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