“I do” have a Wooden Heart

“I do” have a Wooden Heart

Disco Duck felt out of luck

As he bopped around the dance floor.

With those sparkly shoes who could have the blues?

But Disco Duck wanted more.

He wanted a mate who could relate

To his love of sparkly boots.

Pink, purple or gold out of the same mould

Sharing his dancing roots.

Bright copper wellies and smooth wooden bellies

Are things that made his heart sing.

Aqua and gold, a sight to behold,

With those looks he’d give her a ring.

He danced and he twirled round the dancefloor he whirled

With his head so full of dreams

Til’ a vision in pink made him blink and blink

Was everything as it seemed?

He needed a seat as his heart skipped a beat

At this pink vision of loveliness

He took a peak at her pale and sweet beak

And his brain became a mess.

She glanced and said “Hi” as she waddled on by

And his legs just turned to jelly.

They started to shake and his wings they did quake

What would she think to his wellies?

Shades of aqua and blue with a sparkly hue

They shone as he danced round the floor.

He did a big twirl, his mind was a whirl

And he went flying out of the door!

Sheepishly he returned, and how his heart burned,

As he spied her beautiful face.

He blushed as he passed her, went faster and faster

And fell in a heap of disgrace.

This was not going well, and he gave a yell

Of pain as he picked himself up.

She giggled with glee and asked who was he

And he replied: “I’m Disco Duck.”

“What a nice name”, she said as she stroked his head

Where he’d banged it on the floor.

“I’m Diva”, she stated, his face looked elated

When she asked him to dance some more.

They danced and held wings, how he wanted to sing

As round and round they went.

With excitement they tingled as their wellies mingled,

She must be heaven sent.

They danced for hours then he bought her flowers

So smitten was he by her features.

They shared some food in the happiest of moods,

She was the loveliest of creatures.

He just couldn’t tarry so asked her to marry

Him with his voice all of a tremble.

She quacked: “Yes, I will”, and she pecked at his bill

So they started a nest to assemble.

She wore a veil from her head to her tail

With their sparkly boots on show.

They quacked: “I do”, with a love so true

They were wed and their love did grow.

Was that the end of the matter? No, next was a patter

Of lots of little wellies.

Their love was the food that brought forth a brood

Of glitter boots and smooth Disco Ducky bellies.


Written by Penny Hare

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