How to do Easter the DCUK way

How to do Easter the DCUK way

Spring has sprung and my goodness, it’s arguably the favourite time of year for our ducks.

Those April showers and spring flowers are enough to put anyone in a good mood – and just to cheer us further, Easter’s around the corner!

Did you ever stop to wonder why we give eggs at this time of year?  With roots in the Christian calendar, Easter eggs are given as a symbol of new life – and don’t forget, chickens don’t have the monopoly on eggs: our ducks are very proud of theirs too!

So let’s look at a different way to celebrate Easter this year.  Did you know duck eggs are higher in wellbeing-boosting Omega 3 than other eggs, and that people who are allergic to hens eggs can often eat duck eggs? Many of the major supermarkets now stock duck eggs, so why not whip up a scrambled duck egg or two for an Easter morning breakfast?  You’ll find it much richer and creamier than your usual variety (no wonder our ducks are proud).

What about Easter Gifts?

And whilst chocolate eggs at Easter are fun, let’s be honest, they don’t stand the test of time.  It’s wonderful to be able to give a non-perishable gift which will go on raising a smile long after the last of the chocolate is gone.

Our little baby ducks are perfect symbols of Easter and new life – choose from our tiniest duckys (we love the Welly Walking Ducky with bunny boots) to our slightly more grown up Ducklets and Ducklings.

And finally, if you’ve got little ones at your Easter celebration, what about a fun variation on the egg hunt?  We love the Bunny Treasure Map in which the Easter Bunny leaves a map to the treats he has left in an Easter basket.  Just create a map, and cut it into puzzle pieces, then hide the pieces.  The children have to find all the pieces and assemble the puzzle to see the complete map to find the Easter basket.  (PS Spotty yellow duckling particularly likes hiding in Easter baskets…)

Happy Easter to you all!

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