Your Guide to Christmas Gift Wrapping

Your Guide to Christmas Gift Wrapping

Picture your loved ones opening their gifts on Christmas Day. The imagined expression on their faces at having received something personal, bespoke and thoughtful is almost enough, but how can you make this moment even better?

Beautiful wrapping can add that little bit more magic. Here at DCUK, we love to take our time wrapping your gifts and making them look even more magnificent – and this year, we’re going to share our top Christmas gift wrapping tips so that you can, too.

The DCUK Method

So, how do wrap our gifts and get them looking even more special? Our process is simple yet effective, and all starts with finding the perfect sized box to house your chosen feathered friend.

Step 1

We find an accommodating box, and fill it with a few bio-fil balls, before we line the bottom with our luxurious Christmas print paper.

Step 2

We line this with shredded paper, before carefully positioning the duck in amongst the paper for safety.

Step 3

We place more shredded paper atop it to hide the duck and make the gift-giving experience a bit more exciting.

Step 4

We stick down two sides of DCUK paper with a specially illustrated duck sticker to seal everything together.

Step 5

We fold the lid over the box, and voilá – you have the perfect present!

DIY Wrapping Ideas

Now you know how we package your gifts – but how can you finish the job to make a present even more magical? Keep reading to hear about some of our other ideas.

Colour Coordination

You could colour coordinate your gift by taking the prominent colour of your chosen duck, and using this to match a similar ribbon to it. This would look beautiful atop a packaging of plain brown parcel paper, with the ribbon flourished in a neat bow.

A Wine Sleeve Twist

Alternatively, add a fun twist by removing the duck from our box and instead placing it inside a Christmas wine sleeve. You may decide to leave the head peeking out over the top. This would be perfect for gifting a new duck to an avid collector; they’d be able to guess the theme of the duck hidden in the wine sleeve.

A Creative Christmas Cracker

Finally, why not get a bit creative? Make a Christmas cracker shape out of some spare cardboard. Encase the duck before wrapping it up with some gorgeous Christmas paper, and then find some ribbon to tie around the ends. The final result will look delicate and pretty, and really show the thought you’ve put into preparing this gift.

DCUK gift box and wrapping

These are our suggestions; now it’s your turn! Follow us on Twitter or find us on Facebook and get in touch about your own wrapping etiquette.

Will you be gifting your Christmas haul simply this year – or will you be playing with some more extravagant ideas? Let us know, and don’t forget to get your hands on one of our Christmas Ducks to gift this year – that’s a winner even without the packaging.

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