Friends Forever with Teresa Duckling

Friends Forever with Teresa Duckling

Week 7 of the Duck Diaries and lone duckling, Teresa treats herself to a cosy evening on the sofa with a few guilty pleasures. Go on Teresa, put your wellies up. You’ve earned it.

While some of our ducks and feathered friends are making the most of this unique chance to spend time together, others, like Teresa are missing their loved-ones terribly.

Over the past few weeks, Teresa has been doing her best to keep busy. The seeds she planted in eggshells on her window ledge have sprouted, she’s baked her way through the best of Mary Berry and her colouring pencils have never seen so much action!

But sometimes, on a Friday evening say, our pink spotty welly boot duckling, Teresa just needs to put her wellies up, let her feathers down and chill out on the sofa with some familiar Friends.


After a tiring week of waddling and wading, all our ducks love a lazy movie. From Daffy Duck to Duck, Duck, Goose, they’ll watch anything: so long as you know who has a starring role! But for Teresa, Netflix isn’t about the movies, it’s about Monica, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe and, most of all, it’s about Ross!

Friends forever

Teresa was just a glint in a gander’s eye when Friends was made. When she spotted it on Netflix she thought it might be about her Feathered Friends and thought she’d give it ago. Instantly she was hooked! And as for Ross, well! Could he be any more handsome? He’s not just a smooth face either, Teresa tells us, he’s also a palaeontologist which means he’s as fascinated by ducks as Teresa is by him.

We did try to break it to Teresa that palaeontologists are interested in all sorts of fossils, but she assures us that as he specialises in dinosaurs, which came from birds, the best of which is the duck, he is most interested in ducks. Probably ducklings – with pink wellies perhaps…


A little of what you fancy

We’re all guilty of the occasional binge-viewing when we discover an irresistible new series, but Friends takes the biscuit! With 236 episodes to devour, Teresa should be happily occupied until the end of lockdown. We hope she takes the news about Rachel well… those treats should sweeten what might be a painful moment for our star-struck lover.

We’ll leave Teresa to her viewing. Maybe it’s time for us to break out the box sets – Teresa isn’t the only duck in the flock to have a soft spot for the loveable New Yorkers…


Our mission is simple: to make you smile

Whatever else is going on in the world, we hope our ducks can bring you a little joy. That’s what our Duck Diaries are all about.

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