Fresh as a Daisy – Naturally Beautiful Mother’s Day Gifts

Fresh as a Daisy – Naturally Beautiful Mother’s Day Gifts

Flower names and daisy chains are some of the little gifts mums give us that bring a lifetime of joy. What better way to thank your mum this Mother’s Day than with a handmade gift that recalls childhood springtimes together?

wooden ducky white daisy


The Mystery of the Pink Splodge: A Mother’s Day Story


Mothers Day Daisy Ducks

The Duckys had been on their best behaviour for days. There were no muddy trails of webbed feet across the farmhouse floor, no tufts of grass pulled up in the lawn and not a single pillow fight in the dormitory.

After a week of hushed quacks and suppressed giggles the Dcuk humans were becoming a little suspicious. Determined to find out what the mischievous Duckys were up to, a team set up to investigate every corner of the farm, studio and offices. They’d almost 

Ducks daisy hats boots

given up when somebody noticed a big splodge of pink paint on the calendar marking 31st March, Mothering Sunday. The paint had dribbled down the wall, pooling on the floor below. Inevitably one little Ducky had given the game away, stepping in the creamy paint and waddling it around the corner to the craft cupboard.

The humans could hardly believe their eyes when they opened the doors to see what those mischievous Duckys had been up to! Remembering those long summer days when they sat together with their mothers picking the daisies and weaving garlands from their stems, the thoughtful Ducks had come up with a Mother’s Day theme they knew their mums would love.

wooden ducks flower wellies

Packed along the workbench like biscuits on a tray were tens of immaculate daisy-shaped hats, their petals picked out in fresh shades of rose and lemon good enough to eat. As if that weren’t enough, the Duckys had rounded up every unclaimed welly boot on the farm and had decorated each one individually. Every petal and stem on the pretty pastel boots had been hand-painted, no effort too great for their beloved mummies.

Dcuk ducks are well-mannered creatures and these Duckys are no exception. Having been raised never to be late the little ones had prepared everything in good time. 

Leaving their work undisturbed and their secret safe, the humans closed the craft-cupboard doors and crept away.  


A Mother’s Day Wish

Mothers Day thoughtful gifts

And as for us humans… we have one simple wish for the mums who receive a special Mother’s Day Ducky or Duckling this Mothering Sunday: that it makes her smile.

We’d love to see your daisy Ducky and Ducklings with their new mums! Share your photos on Facebook  tagging @theduckcompany.

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