Ever seen a duck on a bicycle…?

Ever seen a duck on a bicycle…?

No, nor have we.  That’s because ducks can fly – at an impressive 40-60 mph.

So if you want to be in with a chance of keeping up with them, you’re best off taking to your bike.

You won’t be alone either.  Numbers of cyclists in the UK have risen almost every year since 2008 and now we’re well into the balmy weather and longer days of early summer, you can barely see the road for cyclists here on Devon’s many green lanes.

So our ducks are anxious not to be left out, and even though they’re all equipped with two very powerful wings, some of our DCUK feathered friends still love to dress up in colour co-ordinating cycle jerseys ready to support a keen bicyclist on their next journey.

Whether it’s for a dad who loves to escape on his bike, a brother in training for a big race or just to inspire you to take to the road more often, take a look at our Cycling Ducks.  Our friend in the yellow jersey is just perfect for that competitive boost – or wishful daydream! And makes a fabulous memento of this year’s Tour de Yorkshire (won by Serge Pauwels and Lizzie Deignan in the men’s and women’s races respectively) or the Tour de France in July.

Having a mascot is a common way to wish someone luck or boost their sporting prowess.  Did you know, though, that the first recorded use of a mascot in advertising was a duck?!  In 1955, a small family insurance company AFLAC in the US state of Georgia, decided their name wasn’t memorable enough.  But because it sounded a little like the “quack quack” of a duck, they decided to experiment in using a duck to promote the business with phenomenal results.

So whether it’s to encourage cycling goals, bring good luck in exams, or simply as a house mascot, you can’t get better than a duck!

And if you’re intimidated by the challenge of keeping up with our ducks on your bike, remember our Indian Runners are domesticated so won’t have you peddling for too long…!  In fact, they prefer to walk, not fly, so they’re pretty easy to keep up with.

But if you need a bigger goal from the duck family, check out mallard ducks, who can easily travel 800-odd miles during an eight hour trip. And with migration patterns routinely taking some species as far as 14,000  miles, or even half way around the world each season, there’s no shortage of long-haul cycling goals!

Be safe on those roads, and happy cycling this summer.

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