Easter celebrations at DCUK

Easter celebrations at DCUK

Who doesn’t love an Easter egg? At the DCUK headquarters we try and resist temptation for chocolate eggs – and for a pretty good reason. It’s because chocolate is very toxic to most birds!

Just like dogs, birds react to the chemicals found in chocolate, but as birds are smaller animals, even a tiny piece of chocolate can make our flock very ill.

But it turns out that Easter can be just as fun – and meaningful – without the sweet stuff. After all, following Dry January, Sugar-Free February and all the other health challenges, taking better care of ourselves couldn’t be more fashionable.

And after many years of celebrating with our ducks, chickens, penguins and owls, we find missing chocolate isn’t the biggest issue.

Our largest problem is usually resolving squabbles over who makes the best Easter gift! Our spotty ducklings are usually first out of the roost insisting they should feature heavily in our spring gift list. But our pastel ducks argue they’re similarly springlike whilst the mother of our Bunny Boots is adamant her ducklings are queens of the Easter parade! If you ask us (and no-one ever does…!) we can’t help but feel that chicks are stars of the show at this time of year and our little chicks in spotty cowboy boots are well kitted out for those April showers.

So with lots of ideas for alternatives to chocolate gifts, let us share our favorite Easter table decoration idea and for those that simply can’t resist, our homemade chocolate recipe!
All the birds love to see their eggs decorated to make a big centerpiece at this time of year – and if you’ve never painted or dyed eggs with your children, this makes a great activity in the lead up to Easter Day. If you’re not dexterous enough to blow your own eggs, simply hard boil them before allowing the little ones to paint the shells. Alternatively you could dye the shells to create a pretty decoration. Simply put a teaspoon of food colouring, a tablespoon of vinegar and enough warm water to submerge the boiled eggs. You can even pattern the eggs by wrapping rubber bands around them to create stripes.

And finally, if the thought of a chocolate-free Easter really makes you despondent, we do have one small chocolatey treat to recommend.

Making your own chocolate means you really get to control how much sugar you’re eating – and with so many great moulds on the market, you can create some beautiful Easter themed chocolates really easily.

The simplest recipe has just three ingredients: half a cup of cacao or good quality cocoa powder, half a of cup coconut oil and 5-6 tbsp pure maple syrup or honey. Simply mix all the ingredients really well and pour into molds before refrigerating to set. Refined-sugar free but still delicious.

So, from the flock and ourselves, we’re wishing you all a cracking Easter break.

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