A DCUK Christmas: Past, Present and Future

A DCUK Christmas: Past, Present and Future

There are always a few ruffled feathers when a new gaggle of birds enter the coop. So, prepare yourself for flying feathers as our festive Christmas range arrives!

If you can control your excitement, head over to our Christmas pages on the website for the fully range, but just incase you’re a little overexcited already, let us tell you about some of our absolute favourites.

Not only do we have our annual Santa ducklets with their furry boots and fur trimmed red coats, but our Skiing Santa is a daring duck indeed, poised like a racing bird on his wooden skis. Rudolph Duckling just loves a chance to play the fool with his antlers and Santa hat whilst little Elf Ducky couldn’t be cuter in his red and green suit.

But hold your horses….restrain your roosters…you’ve not seen the decoration ducks yet! Available in five different designs, these Christmas tree decoration sized ducks have all the character of their full size counterparts – in miniature – and we promise you, they’re absolutely irresistible. The set includes Rudolph Duckling, Skiing Santa Duckling, Elf Duckling, Santa Duckling and even Snowman Duckling.

However, let’s not get carried away by our seasonal friends.

It wouldn’t be fair to forget our year-round faithfuls who are always a welcome surprise in those parcels under the tree. Looking at Christmas Past, our Penguins have always found themselves in high demand at this time of year, as do our wise owls (with eyes in the backs of their heads to spot any present prodders), but every member of the flock has its day.

For instance, last year Nanna Barber told us on our Facebook page: “We gave our daughter one of your ducks wearing purple wellies for Christmas. She loves it.”

Christmas is a great time for new traditions too. Angharad also posted to us on Facebook that “all of my family have one with their name on”, telling us that Angharad Duck had been under the tree for her last year. That’s a lovely tradition you could begin this present Christmas – and with each and every bird on our site is happy to dress up and take on a name to suit every member of your household, personalising a family collection couldn’t be easier.

Finally, don’t forget DCUK when it comes to decorating the house. It’s not just our Decoration Ducklings, but any of our new Christmas ducks that will bring much festive cheer to your home. In fact, you may find yourself like Rebecca who contacted us in January to say, “For Christmas I bought the duck elf and the duck snowman – although I can’t face putting them away, so they’ll be out all year round.”

So if you can’t bear to put your feathered friends away at the end of the holidays, you’re not quackers – just feathering the nest for rest of the year (and preparing for Christmas Future?)!

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