A DCUK Christmas: A Q&A with Vicki

A DCUK Christmas: A Q&A with Vicki

Everyone has a different idea about what makes the best Christmas Day and best Christmas gifts. With this in mind, we’ve been asking members of the DCUK team about their own traditions and thoughts on the festive season.

Here we speak to Vicki, who it’s safe to say is a fan of all things Christmas…

What’s your role at DCUK?  

Trade Sales.

Which is your favourite DCUK design and why?  

Sparkly Christmas Elf Ducky – I love Christmas and like to think of myself as a Christmas Elf spreading the Christmas spirit to my friends and family. They tell me October is too early – I disagree!

What makes it a great Christmas gift?

It’s so cute and sparkly and festive; I think anyone who loves Christmas (and ducks) would fall in love with this little elf.

Who would you buy it for?

My nieces and my husband as I always make them put on elf hats and help put up the Christmas decs. And one for myself, of course!

Is there a design you hope will make the collection for next year?

I would like to see a nutcracker duck and a Mrs Santa duck.

Are you Christmas mad or a bah humbug?

Absolutely Christmas mad!

What’s your best Christmas memory?  

Putting up the decorations at Nanny and Grandad’s house as it would be like Santa’s Grotto crossed with Blackpool Illuminations by the time we finished.

What does Christmas mean to you?

It’s just the best time of year when everyone gets to be a kid again and have fun.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

I can’t pick one so I will narrow it down to the three – the decorations, the food and the music.

What has been the best gift you have ever received? And the worst?

The best was definitely an engagement ring, and the worst was a big plastic clock in the shape of a pirate ship with blue and pink sails, which we received last year.

Share a funny Christmas story.

One year I decided that instead of name tags I would use colour coded ribbons to wrap the presents, giving everyone a different colour. Except I must have mixed up the colours or forgotten whose were whose as everyone ended up with the wrong presents and I had to re-distribute them after they were unwrapped.

Do you have any quirky family traditions at Christmas?

No, but I desperately want to start one so I’m on the lookout for ideas!

What advice would you give for the perfect Christmas Day?

Just be with the people who make you happy, do whatever makes you happy, and of course eat until you have to unbutton your trousers.

Describe your perfect Christmas Day.

Wake up early; crack open the Christmas choccies for breakfast and get the Christmas teapot out; find a Christmas film to pop on in the background whilst starting to prepare the veggies; dive into the pressies mid-morning; walk to the pub for a midday pint; eat dinner early afternoon, then spend the rest of the day recovering on the sofa in front of the telly or playing board games

Does Vicki’s Christmas sound a lot like your own, or do you have an quirky family traditions you can recommend to her? Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think!

For more Christmas time inspiration, check out our guides to gift wrapping and giving a gift that matters.

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