Celebration, not sadness, when the young fly the nest

Celebration, not sadness, when the young fly the nest

It’s exam time in schools and universities and not long now till graduation, when little ducklings all over the country will fly the nest in search of their first homes and jobs.

For those left behind your home can seem very quiet and empty – on the other hand, there’s a lot more space to go around!

“Empty Nest Syndrome” is a recognised medical condition, and seeing your young leave home isn’t easy. It’s important to remember that leaving home is a huge and exciting step in the great journey of life though, and a landmark moment we all go through, feathered, furry or human.

Our beautiful bamboo Indian runner ducks love to feather a new nest and could help contribute a little company – these Spotty Ducklings in particular, provide an irresistible cheer in a rather quiet house.

Otherwise, we have a few top tips for taking your mind off the empty nest and celebrating a new landmark.

  1. Take up a new hobby or interest

After all, you never had time before with the constant taxi’ing too and fro.  Now is the chance to recapture some “me time” and make the most of the peace.

  1. Console yourself with hygge

The buzzword of the last 12 months, the Danish concept of Hygge simply means making time for yourself by cozying up by a woodburning fire, or a sunny nook and relaxing with something soothing.  Think fluffy socks and woolly blankets – or layer up with knitwear like our tweed loving Country Ducks

  1. Celebrate childhood

When you’re in fulltime parent mode, there’s no time to frame pictures, file away artwork or record achievements.  Now they’re away from home, make the most of collecting and displaying the best bits of childhood and remember the good times.  If this simply makes you miss them more, perhaps invest in a couple of Duckys to keep some youthful spirit around the place!

  1. Meet up with some friends for a chat, they may also be feeling in need of company too. Our DCUK ducks make a wonderful gift that is sure to bring a smile to your friend’s face.

Finally, don’t forget they’ll be back to visit soon….this is a great chance to perfect a big family feast in preparation for the homecoming.

When you want to celebrate the achievements of your flying duckling, our Graduation Ducks   are a great souvenir of this momentous time and they can be personalised with the scholar’s name on the back (and they make a great teacher thank you gift too).

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