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Celebrate International Nurses Day by appreciating those who nurture us

Celebrate International Nurses Day by appreciating those who nurture us

May 12 this year is International Nurses Day – a celebration to recognise the contributions nurses make to society, and a day which also marks the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth.  However, we generally think any day is a good day to celebrate the hard work and dedication of nurses everywhere.

Indian Runner ducks are naturally pretty hardy so don’t require much nursing in real life (did you know that ducks are much tougher than chickens?) but this outer toughness hides their soft side as they’re hugely nurturing within their own families and we’d like to think our bamboo Indian Runners ducks will take just as good care of you!

Female ducks are very fastidious about cleaning their nests and enjoy preening themselves, but they’re also prolific layers.  When baby ducklings come along, both male and female ducks will aggressively defend their young when needed, whilst the mummy duck has a vital job in the early days of keeping her ducklings warm.  When they hatch – as with many waterfowl – ducklings can’t regulate their own body temperature so their mothers will snuggle up to them and cover them with her wings until they’re old enough to stay warm.

We love this evidence of nurturing at its best and we’ve created a Nurse Duck especially in recognition of this – a perfect gift for International Nurses Day.  But it’s also lovely to remember that all sorts of people nurture us, from our own parents, to our partners or even our closest friends.

Why not recognise those who care for you with a mummy duck of their own to look after them?  These Natural Finish Ducks look as if they’re calling for their young so you could always consider a little Duckling or Ducky to complete the family!

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