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About DCUK

About DCUK

About The Duck Company UK (DCUK)

Once upon a time there was a little duck. And that duck grew up a long way away, in a land called the Far East. One day, he decided to ‘spread his wings’ and see the world. He had no plan, but he secretly hoped that he might find some other ducks to have some fun with. The little duck travelled across land and sea, over miles and miles, until he found the green pastures of Blighty and found himself in the pretty English village of Diptford, perched on a hill overlooking the River Avon in Devon, England.

The DCUK duck family

It wasn’t long before the little duck, worn out from his long journey, stumbled upon a kind-hearted Englishman who offered him a warm home to shelter in as this little feathered friend wasn’t a wild mallard duck! As the duck shared his story, the Englishman started thinking. In his mind he could see a whole family of different types of ducks, who would be company for the little Indian Runner duck who had stumbled across his doorstep.

Soon after, the little duck couldn’t believe his eyes when he awoke one morning to find lots of other ducks. They looked like him, but they were all slightly different individuals, each with their own character made for different homes and hearts around the globe. From that day on the family grew and grew, with ducks arriving in all shapes and size, colours and poses. Some came and went, moving on to join other families around the world via something that the Englishman called county shows and shops. Others went straight to their new homes after being picked from a website. The little duck would often hear about the adventures of the ducks that had gone elsewhere from the people they’d gone to stay with and he still shares the photos of his feathered friends as they take snaps of their holidays. It still makes him warm and fuzzy knowing that he’s the reason they’re all living happily ever after.

The duck family has grown

Ten years on and the little runner duck’s family continues to grow. Not only are there different varieties of his duck cousins, wearing all type of regalia, but also Penguins and Owls of all shapes and sizes have joined the clan. The feathered friends are all living in harmony, still in Diptford, where it all began. The little duck’s home is now known as The Duck Company UK (DCUK to friends) and it’s talked about across the world.

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