About DCUK

About DCUK

DCUK – the original wooden duck company

It’s the turn of the Millennium and a brand new century is just beginning. Down in Devon, two brothers and their family friend, Andrew, embark on an overseas trip to Indonesia and stumble across some simple wooden ducks.

This chance encounter would change everything for Craig and Alex and bring the DCUK duck to life. Here’s their story.

“Fifteen years ago we were in Indonesia to buy furniture for our shop back in Devon. We already knew that the skill and quality of the hand crafted products made there was impressive but furniture was a competitive business.

We had a plan to look for something a little different to bring home this time.
Bamboo is everywhere in Indonesia and is used for all sorts of things but the root is often discarded. The local workers are very creative and had been inspired by the fact the grain on the bamboo imitated the feathers of a duck. It was on this trip we discovered that in between harvesting rice, they’d experimented with carving a few ducks in the hopes it would supplement their income.

As soon as we saw them, these Indian Runners ducks immediately struck a chord with us. Not just because we were used to seeing ducks of all varieties at home but also because the distinctive runner ducks are often seen wandering the paddy fields in Indonesia. The combination of the local bamboo root and the ever-present runner ducks immediately made their little characters stand out to us.

We took a chance on them and brought 30 home for the shop – people loved them instantly. Suddenly we could picture a whole family of ducks, with different names and identities.

It was time to take the ducks more seriously!

Once we decided to focus our business on our feathered friends, we worked with Denise, our designer, who is passionate about really bringing the ducks to life. She came up with the idea that ducks could wear welly boots and wit some of the most interesting characters like the one legged pirate, but the creation of each duck is still a team effort. Each individual must pass a strict test: does it make us smile?

So our hand crafted, high quality, wooden gifts are designed to do just that – make you smile – but happily, there’s a pretty joyful story going on in their home in Indonesia too.

The success of the DCUK wooden ducks has meant we can employ over 200 people in Indonesia through two separate manufacturers to ensure the quality of each duck. Whilst most of the local carvers and painters have little formal education, we’re able to help them earn up to twice the local minimum wage thanks to their expert skills.

This skill isn’t something you can learn at school either, but is something passed down from generation to generation. As a result, it risks extinction, which is why we’re doubly pleased we can show the younger generation that their inherited skills can become a dependable source of income in the modern world.

We’re honoured to be able to say that DCUK is managing to preserve some of Indonesia’s most valuable traditional crafting skills. Each duck we sell helps to support the artisan heritage of this part of Indonesia.

As a result, we are passionate about protecting the high quality and standard of craftsmanship in each of our birds.

DCUK are the original supplier of these eye-catching wooden gifts and they remain the best quality around due to our personal care right from the production process, to storage and delivery to you.

Now we’ve extended our feathered family to include chickens, owls and penguins, there are more to choose from than ever, making DCUK the perfect place for gifts. We’re very fond of all our two legged friends, and hope you love them just as much as we do.”

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