A Gift For Years To Come

A Gift For Years To Come

It’s so easy to be drawn into buying the same old gifts for people. A pair of slippers here, and a bundle of socks there. None of these generic gifts will last them a lifetime and capture a memory quite like a DCUK gift does. Whether your loved one has graduated from University, is celebrating an anniversary or has recently had a new arrival to the family, we’ve got the perfect gift. Alternatively, you may wish to build your own DCUK family that celebrates the milestones of your life. In which case, having our duckys around your home will remind you of some of your most cherished memories. With each celebration, add to your collection!

The Graduate

Do you know someone who’s recently graduated? Celebrate their hard work by gifting them one of our Graduation Ducklings. It will be the perfect keepsake for them to remember their achievements. You can make it that extra bit special through personalisation. Choose a personal message that you would like on the Duckling and we’ll hand paint it for you. You can even choose their University colours to be used on the ribbon of the Duckling. If your loved one has graduated and is about to pursue their dream job then check out our Professional Ducklings and you may spot their career.


The Anniversary

Our DCUK Duckys are the thoughtful anniversary gift you’ve been looking for. Show your loved one you appreciate them with this personal and unique gift. To make it even more personal, you could add the date of your anniversary onto the ducky or even a message to say how much you love them. So hold back on the bouquet of flowers, that only last a week, because a gift of DCUK will bring them joy for a lifetime.

DCUK wooden duckys

The New Arrival

Know someone who’s recently had a baby? Our range of Baby and Christening Duckys are the perfect gift for them. One of our duckys will be the perfect addition to decorating the nursery, you can get a baby blue, baby pink or a natural ducky with gold wellie boots– perfect options to match the colour scheme of the room. You can personalise the duckys with a message, we think it would be wonderful to add the name of the baby followed by their birthday!

DCUK wooden pastel coloured duckys

There is a ducky for all your favourite memories. So go and start building your collection, or someone else’s, here. And we hope we help you cherish your best moments forever!

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