A DCUK Christmas: A Q&A with Louise

A DCUK Christmas: A Q&A with Louise

The Christmas countdown is ticking away, and the big day will be here before you know it. 

Whether you’re completely Christmas mad like Vicki and Becky, or it’s mainly the quality family time that you enjoy like Craig and Denise, we hope we’ve given you some great ideas to incorporate into your celebrations.

In the meantime though, here are a few more from Louise.

What’s your role at DCUK?

Sales Administrator/ Head of Duck sales.

Which is your favourite DCUK design and why?

The Natural Purple Welly Ducky – purple is my favourite colour and I’m a bit dotty.

What makes it a great Christmas gift?  

It can be used all year round and makes a brilliant keepsake.

Who would you buy it for?

Myself as it’s my favourite colour!

Is there a design you hope will make the collection for next year?  

A puffin – I just love their colourful beaks.

Are you Christmas mad or a bah humbug?

A bit in between, but to be honest I’m more Christmas mad as I have a little girl.

What’s your best Christmas memory?

Waking up on Christmas day at my nan and grandad’s, opening all of our presents and spending time together with the family, as well as eating way too much and watching loads of TV.

What does Christmas mean to you?   

Spending time with loved ones and showing them that you care.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

That warm, fuzzy feeling that you have in your belly when you get into the Christmas spirit, and spending time with the family.

What has been the best gift you have ever received? And the worst?  

My best gift was a brown leather jacket I got from my husband; he didn’t wrap it up, instead he sneaked it in my wardrobe which was a lovely surprise. The worst was a doll peg bag – the doll freaked me out so I gave it to a charity shop!

Do you have any quirky family traditions at Christmas?

Not really, although my nan used to have two Christmas trees. One was for the main presents and the other was to replace crackers. We always got to unwrap the presents with Christmas dinner too.

What advice would you give for the perfect Christmas day?

Spend it with the people you love and can be yourself around. Eat lots of food and drink, have a little snooze and be happy.

Describe your perfect Christmas Day.

Wake up early in my PJs and dressing gown; put the kettle on for a nice cuppa; open my pressies; watch my little girl’s reaction while she opens her pressies; eat lots of food; watch films and maybe get wrapped up and go for a nice crisp walk in the afternoon.

Does Christmas at Louise’s sound like your dream day, or do you have a couple of your own traditions in mind to mix things up a bit? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook, and don’t forget to check out our advice on gift giving and gift wrapping for some last-minute inspiration.

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