A DCUK Christmas: A Q&A with Denise

A DCUK Christmas: A Q&A with Denise

So far, we’ve heard about the Christmas traditions of our owner, Craig, and Becky’s told us all about her family festivities. This week, we spoke to Denise, another member of staff here at DCUK to find out about how she spends the holiday season.

What’s your role at DCUK?

I help with the design of the ducks and personalising them. I also help set up at the trade show.

Which is your favourite DCUK design and why?

The originals with the Natural Finish, and I prefer the more unique grains of wood.

What makes it a great Christmas gift?

It’s non-specific to where you put it in your house, and you can personalise it with coloured ribbons.

Who would you buy it for?

Any member of the family.

Is there a design you hope will make the collection for next year?

Christmas Scandinavian gnomes.

Are you Christmas mad or a bah humbug?

I’m not Christmas mad but I do love Christmas.

What’s your best Christmas memory?

Spending 3 weeks on my grandparents’ farm with all the family.

What does Christmas mean to you?

Spending quality time with the family.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Being cosy at home.

What has been the best gift you have ever received? And the worst?

I don’t think I have a best gift but I don’t like novelty gifts as they soon get forgotten about and are a waste of money.

Share a funny Christmas story.

I gave my grandfather a bottle of port and he and my uncle drunk all of it that night.

Do you have any quirky family traditions at Christmas?

We always eat at night, and growing up it was a black tie event with 5-6 courses of food. The grandchildren used to run the lit Christmas pudding around the table. My grandma would have these things called ‘snapdragons’, which were brandy soaked raisins and sultanas that had been set alight and you’d have to take them out of the flames.

What advice would you give for the perfect Christmas day?

Just relax and enjoy – don’t stress!

Describe your perfect Christmas Day.

A relaxed and calm happy day!

We’ve got more festive-themed Q&As coming this way, so watch this space to find out more about how our gift-giving experts spend their holidays, as well as being the first to view our gifting tips, tricks and life hacks.

In the meantime though, follow our Facebook page and Tweet us at @duckcompanyuk to tell us all about your own Christmas traditions, and check out our Festive designs to get yourself in the mood!

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